For Safe Swimming.

Swimming Rules

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Summertime in Graubünden means cooling off in the refreshing mountain lakes. And Graubünden has 1038 of them! But be careful – not every lake is safe for splashing and swimming. Keep save in the water by following the six swimming rules set by the Swiss Life-Saving Society SLRG and the additional special regulations for mountain lakes.

Swimming Rules of the SLRG

  1. Children must be accompanied at all times – keep small children close at hand!
  2. Never go into the water intoxicated or under the influence of drugs! Never swim with a full or a completely empty stomach.
  3. Never jump into the water when your body temperature is very high! The body needs time to adapt.
  4. Do not jump into murky or unknown waters! The unknown can be dangerous.
  5. Lilos and swimming aids are not permitted in deep water! They are not safe.
  6. Never swim long distances alone! Even the fittest person can have difficulties.

Additional Regulations for Mountain Lakes

  • The weather in the mountains can change very quickly. Swimming during thunderstorms is extremely dangerous. Leave the water immediately!

  • Mountain lakes can be very cold even in summer. The water temperature should be at least 16 degrees for swimming and bathing to prevent any cold shocks or seizures.

  • Many mountain lakes are unsupervised. Apply extra caution here!