Val Bregaglia.

The Valley that Inspired many Famous Artists

Bergell views
The Val Bregaglia – a southern valley of Grisons - is and was home to many well-known artists . Embark on the trail of Giacometti and Co.
Bergell – The Valley of Artists

Giovanni Giacometti (1868–1933) captured his birthplace Stampa and its inhabitants in many paintings. After his training, the painter had pursued an art career that achieved worldwide fame. His house, situated on the pass-through road of Stampa, in which his atelier used to be, is still there. Not far from there, in the Talmuseum Ciäsa Granda, where you can admire the paintings of Alberto Giovanni (Son) and Augusto Giacometti (Cousin). Don't just stop with the spectacular «Fioritura» painted by Giovanni Giacometti, make sure you also take a look at the other skilfully painted originals.


Palazzo Castelmur Stampa, Val Bregaglia

The Palazzo Castelmur in Coltura, in the Val Bregaglia presents itself as a fairytale castle - in washed down red.  The castle is a result of exquisite Milanese craftsmanship. In the 19th century, Augusto Castelmur ennobled the patrician house architecturally. During the summer months, you can experience first hand, what the artists have created behind the gothic windows.


Palazzo Castelmur in Stampa

Tea time! One would expect a butler, as the inside of the Palazzo Castelmur is more luxurious than the building appears from the outside. Life in this house was good – especially considering it's surrounded by such a stunning dreamscape.


Who built Villa Garbald in Castasegna? None less, than famous German architect, Gottfried Semper. It is his only building located south of the Alps; a work of international importance, completed with the extension in 2004. Today, workshops covering topics such as science, education, culture and the economy take place, alongside cultural-events and exhibitions. All of which are hosted in this «Spirito» (sacred) environment.