Alpine Cheese and Curry.

Professional Climber Nina Caprez

Nina Caprez climbing in Prättigau
Alpine cheese and curry: This is how Nina´s world can be described in short. Alpine cheese simbolises nature, being outside. Curry symbolises, exploring other cultures and travelling. But who is Nina? Nina Caprez from Küblis in Prättigau is one of the best rock climbers in the world.
Profikletterin Nina Caprez aus dem Prättigau, Graubünden

Climbing Gear Versus Elegant Evening Gown

Nina Caprez loves the extreme. She also loves sleeping outside. All she needs is her mat, sleeping bag and a gas cooker. But she also loves enjoying the opera and dressing up in an elegant evening gown. Just climbing would be way too boring, according to Nina. Mountain spring water versus champagne – that's Nina for you.

Nina Caprez am Klettern im Prättigau

The Big Wide World Versus Home

When Nina talks about her «hometown climbing region», she starts to swoon. Climbers from all over the world make the pilgrimage to Prättigau; the Rätikon is considered one of the best climbing regions. Why? Basically all routes are flat or vertical, the challengign conditions bring the strongest and best climbers into the world. Nina's favourite route is the multipitch tour at the Schweizertor. When you reach the top completely beat, you feel like the King of the world!

Nina Caprez climbing in Prättigau, Graubünden

Art College Versus Professional Climbing

She graduated best of her class from the secondary school in Schiers and passed the admission examination to join Art College. Nina was met with a tricky decision, should she go down the academic route and study or indulge in her true passion, climbing? Many thought she should study «something proper». But Nina chose climbing – and today she makes a living with her favourite past time.

Profikletterin Nina Caprez aus dem Prättigau, Graubünden

Friendship Versus Competition

Participating in competitions? No, that wasn´t the right way. Climbing symbolized «friendship» to Nina, not «competition». What is so exciting about climbing? Playing with your body. Pushing it as far as it would go. Climbing routes that won´t forgive a single mistake. And afterwards? Sometimes she won´t touch a climbing handle for months. Instead choosing to spend her days relaxing, finding inner peace and planning a new project. And then it all starts over again…