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Ski Resort Diavolezza Pontresina

Diavolezza/ Lagalp (Foto:© ENGADIN St. Moritz)
Aussicht auf der Diavolezza/ Lagalp (Foto:© Gian Giovanoli)

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Skifahren auf der Diavolezza/ Lagalp (Foto:© Gian Giovanoli)

Diavolezza - The Devil

Passionate, hot-cold, hellishly beautiful. Whoever likes it hot during winter and summer picked the right place in the realm of the beautiful devil. In the cold seasons, passionate snow enthusiasts get warm during the glacier or moonlight descent, on a ski tour or on a winter hike. At 3,000 meters above sea level, a jacuzzi and the theme park of Bernina Glaciers with an audio tour and Snow Climb Point await you. The Panoramic Restaurant Bellavista, located at around 3,000 meters above sea level, and the pizzeria Piz Alv at the valley station are providing culinary delights. A day at the Diavolezza is one for the books.

Lagalb- The White Lake

Natural, splendid, adventurous. As a ski resort, the Lagalb inspires with its unique view of Lake Bianco, down into the Puschlav and further south into the Veltlin. The Lagalb-Bahn is a bit like a time machine: If you get off at 2,893 meters above sea level, it feels like you travelled back into the past. Lagalb’s charm lies in its seclusion. From December to early April the slopes offer great variety. During the season (the train only runs in winter) two charming restaurants look after the well-being of their visitors.


Number of systems
5 Transport systems
Kilometres of slopes
32 km slopes, of these 21 km red and 11 km black
2'093-2’978 m above sea level
Number of systems Kilometres of slopes Altitude
5 Transport systems 32 km slopes, of these 21 km red and 11 km black 2'093-2’978 m above sea level


  • Glacier descent
  • Glüna Plaina
  • Diavolezza Challenge
  • Ski tour Piz Palü
  • Bernina glaciers with audio tour
  • One night at Berghaus Diavolezza
  • Viewing platform Diavolezza, fabulous panorama from the Pit Cambrena over the Piz Palü all the way to the Piz Bernina
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Skiing on the Diavolezza/ Lagalp (Photo:© Gian Giovanoli)
Winter sports report
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View from Diavolezza/ Lagalp (Photo:© Gian Giovanoli)