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Solar Ski Lift Tenna

Solarskilift Tenna
Solarskilift Tenna

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Piste in Tenna
Sunny situated, the solar ski lift Tenna in the Safiental is a wonderful place for families with smaller children. Pure skiing fun in natural snow and completely sustainable.

The only solar ski lift in the world in located in Tenna, and here families can enjoy wonderful carefree days in the snow. The little ones can have their first experience on the snow with a solar-powered carousel or they can dig around to their hearts content. The Safiental is also considered a secret amongst skiing and snowshoe tours and is a gem for tours on your own.


Number of systems
1 transport system
Kilometres of slopes
4.5 km
1650–1800 m above sea level
Number of systems Kilometres of slopes Altitude
1 transport system 4.5 km 1650–1800 m above sea level


  • Only solar ski lift in the world
  • Snow playground in Tenna