Biking, Kiting, Climbing, Fishing and Hiking.

Summer Sports During the Winter

Biking, fishing, kiting, hiking and climbing – no one thinks about warm temperatures, hot days and balmy nights. Just simply in a slightly modified form:

Fatbiking in the Woods of St. Moritz

A friend of extended bike tours doesn’t really want to hibernate without biking, right? The solution: the Fatbike, a mountain bike with oversized tires, which offers a lot of surface and therefore a lot of driving pleasure.

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Fatbiking in the Engadine (Photo: Marc Bächtold)

Ice Fishing on Lake Sils

Do you want to cast the fishing rod in winter? Then off to Lake Sils and up on the ice you go. You can borrow an ice drill in town and then wait for the big catch in front of your ice hole.

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Ice fisherman on Lake Silsersee (Photo: Marc Bächtold)

Snowkiting on Lake Silvaplana

Exhilaration guaranteed: Snowkiting on Lake Silvaplana is accompanied by a windy boost from the Maloja. So strap on your skis or snowboard and take off. Lessons for beginners and equipment are available on site.

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Snowkiting on the Silvaplanersee (Photo: Marc Bächtold)

Snowshoeing Near the Bernina Pass

With snowshoes, hiking in winter becomes a fun experience. The track near the Bernina Pass can be completed in two hours.

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Snowshoe hiking at the Bernina Pass (Photo: Marc Bächtold)

Ice climbing in the Gorge of Pontresina

Ice climbing on the rocks and frozen waterfalls is a unique experience: In Pontresina, nature creates new challenges every day. For beginners, the mountaineering school Pontresina offers courses.

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Ice climbing in Pontresina (Photo: Marc Bächtold)