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Albert Heim am Foopass

Den Geologen-Hammer stets in Griffweite, liess sich Albert Heim 1911 vorzeitig pensionieren, um sich ganz seinem Hauptwerk, der mehrbändigen «Geologie der Schweiz», zu widmen
Interpretation am Foopass mit der Glarner Doppelfalte mit der "Verrucano-Lücke" am Foopass, wie sie Albert Heim 1878 publizierte. Beeindruckend ist die Zeichen- und Detailgenauigkeit von Alb. Heims Profilen

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Ausschnitte von Heim im Jahr 1921, wo er die Situation anders sah und nur noch eine grosse, nordwärts gerichtete Überschiebung darstellte
... and the controversial theory of double folding


At the Foo Pass, erosion cut through the area of the Glarus thrust. Arnold Escher therefore came up with the idea of a huge double fold in the middle of the 19th century. At the Foo Pass the Verrucano rocks are missing. Arnold Escher developed the theory of a double fold in the middle of the 19th century, because he believed that it was broken more strongly due to its lower resistance in the area of the fold bend at the pass and thus eroded faster.

Albert Heim, one of the most famous Swiss geologists of his time, adopted Escher's double-fold theory and steadfastly adhered to it.

In 1884, Marcel Bertrand, who had never been to the Glarus Alps himself, reinterpreted Heim's descriptions and profiles, demonstrating that the problem could only be solved with a single major thrust and a south-north movement. It was not until 1901 that Heim acknowledged that only one major thrust took place and the triumph of this theory could no longer be stopped. In 1921, Heim wrote in his standard work on Swiss geology:

"If you still doubt the great ceiling tectonics, you should first look at the hole side ...".

Since then, many other geologists have visited the outcrops of the Glarus thrust and dealt with the structures and mechanisms of the thrust processes. Questions are still controversially discussed and the Glarus thrust will continue to contribute to a better understanding of the formation of mountains in the future.

(Source: David Imper)

If you want to follow in the footsteps of Escher and Heim and get an idea of the double-fold theory at the Foo Pass, you can reach it either from the direction of Elm or from the Weisstannental along the Via GeoAlpina . Catering and accommodation are available in Elm or in the Weisstannental on the Alps Walabütz and Siez.


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Start in Elm: Train to Schwanden GL, then continue by bus to Elm

Start in Weisstannen: Train to Sargans, then the bus direction Pizolpark, on weekdays change the bus at Pizolpark - on Sundays the bus runs from Sargans station directly to Weisstannen / Vorsiez


Start in Elm: turn off the A3 at Niederurnen, follow the Linthal to Schwanden and then turn into the Sernftal to Elm (paid parking in Elm)

Start in Weisstannen: from Zurich on the A3 to Mels, leave the motorway at the mels / Sargans exit, the way to the Weisstannental is signposted from the motorway exit. Last available parking spaces in Weisstannen


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