Railway Valposchiavo

Brusio County Viaduct

142, 8 meter long circular viaduct in Brusio


Sweeping tunnels, viaducts and galleries. The works of art along the Albula and Bernina lines are exceptional – due to their architectural beauty, but also to the architectural feasibility of the time. A special structure is the 142.8 metre long circular viaduct with its 70-metre track radius in Brusio. 

After leaving the Bernina Pass, the mighty mountains and the Palü Glacier, you go down to the Bündner Südtal after the Alp Grüm. Brusio is just 705 metres above sea level.M. This steep descent causes several bends. However, the masonry of the circular viaduct suffered over more than a hundred years since its construction due to the temperature differences and chemical decompositions that occur here. In 2011, the viaduct was renovated during normal railway operation, so that it now shines again in its full splendour.


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