Kirche San Bernardino Mesolcina Calanca

Chiesa di San Nicolao a Cabbiolo


The church is dependent on the parish church of Lostallo, it was consecrated in 1611. The last restoration dates from 1962-1963 and 1977.


It is a sober longitudinal construction with a square choir; to the north stands the bell tower covered by a piode roof. It has beautiful external frescoes of 1611: on the south side the Madonna between Saints Nicholas and Mary Magdalene; on the façade, San Cristoforo within a gable frame that suggests the ancient presence of a portico. The illusionistic decorations around the portal date back to the eighteenth century. The three stucco altars date back to 1767. During the last restorations to the frescoes were brought to light of the very interesting landscape views along the cornice of the choir.


Chiesa di San Nicolao a Cabbiolo

6558 Lostallo

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