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Kropfenstein/Casti Grotta, Waltensburg

Aufnahme des Pfads zur Burg Kropfestein.
Innenaufnahme der Burg Kropfenstein in Waltensburg.

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Innenaufnahme der Burg Kropfenstein in Waltensburg.
The three-storey walls of the Casti Grotta stick, like an eagle's nest, to the edge of a vertically sloping rock face.

Kropfenstein/Casti Grotta, Waltensburg

7158 Waltensburg/Vuorz


It is a hard-to-reach Grottenburg in a south-exposed location. Access is possible from the east via a narrow band of rock around an edge. Today it is widened and secured by railings. The beam bearings of the former entrance are still recognizable. The castle is an elongated building tract, most of which is located under an overhanging rock umbrella. The interior of the building wing is divided by two transverse walls, which are still preserved in foundations. A total of three floors are recognizable. The eastern part of the building tract forms a narrow hose of about 1.5 - 2 m width and probably only served as a storage and for defense. The actual living quarters are located in the wide west section. In the east game above the gate there is a square window and a shooting hatch above the gate. In the south wall there are several hinge windows for exposure as well as square windows with openings of about 70 by 50 cm width. On the second floor there is a brick and two windows with side benches. Furthermore, this contains a smoke vent, an unidentifiable outlet and in the west wall an abortion niche. Direct documentary evidence of the castle is missing. It is possible that the von Kropfenstein family, who were based in Luven (Maschieras), built or acquired the Kropfenstein Castle, built around 1300, and named themselves after it, while a branch of this family continued to reside in Luven. In the course of the 15th century, Kropfenstein was probably abandoned.

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