Nature reserve Surselva

Lamatrekking im Safiental

They are very quiet, so you can hear all the sounds in the nature of the Safien Valley. The calm nature of the llamas is transmitted to us humans after a short time.


The trekking groups consist of a maximum of 5 – 6 people and guides. Each guest leads his llama by hand. The tours are chosen in such a way that it is not about performance, but also time to look. As convinced Demeter and organic farmers, we strive to make lama trekking as ecologically justifiable as possible. That's why all trekks are organized in such a way that guests can arrive and depart by public transport. Something special is the food on the trekks. It consists mainly of food from our farm, for example yak meat products, vegetables from our own garden, wood-fired bread and desserts.


Opening hours

Temporarily closed.

Llama trekkings will be offered again in summer 2023.


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