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Latteria Bregaglia

A qualified cheese maker processes the milk into cheese, cream, butter and yogurt. The cheese dairy in Vicosoprano is both a production facility and a point of sale


The latteria Bregaglia cooperative has seven members. They are all farmers living in the municipality of Bergell. Since 2004, latteria Bregaglia products have been bearing the BIOSUISSE bud. The brand stands for production according to the guidelines of organic farming and animal-friendly livestock farming.


Mɜ - Soft cheese with a slightly sour milk taste.

La nossa fondue Bio- The real Swiss fondue, a pure organic product.

Bregaglia Giovane - semi-hard cheese, fresh and mild in taste.

Bregaglia - semi-hard cheese, mild and buttery in taste.

Bregaglia Crudo - semi-hard cheese with a fresh and sour taste.

Bregaglia Stagionato - semi-hard cheese with an intense, aromatic taste.

Bregaglia Nostrano 1/2 grasso - semi-hard cheese with a taste of dried fruits.

Granito Bregaglia - hard cheese, with a buttery, honey-like taste.

Malögin - soft cheese, mild and creamy in taste.

Magnoca - semi-hard cheese, mild and buttery in taste.

Formagella speziata - Mild soft cheese

Formagella di capra - semi-hard cheese, slightly sour and with the typical goat cheese taste.

Misto Capra - semi-hard cheese, mild and with a subtle goat cheese taste.

Yogurt - Made from whole milk from cows from Bergell, without the addition of preservatives.

Butter - Our butter is made from fresh cream.

Cream - Cream is the fatty part of milk.

Milk - Milk is our raw material.


from CHF 1.-

Opening hours

Monday to Saturday: 8.00 am - 12.00 pm


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