Linth Gorge Linth Valley

The famous Panten Bridge in the Linth Gorge is evidence of early engineering skill.



The 1.4 km long Linth Gorge starts at the confluence of the Sand and Limmeren streams at 1050 m.a.s.l. and ends at Tierfehd at 810 m.a.s.l. From the Hotel Tödi (Tierfehd/Linthal) the hiking trail leads towards Hintersand and Firdolinshütte and the famous Panten Bridge can be reached in about 30 minutes. In 1457, a stone arch bridge was built for the first time between the almost vertically rising rock faces. The "Pantenbrugg" is the only crossing over the Linth Gorge on the way towards the Kistenpass und Sandpass, which were once important crossings into Grisons. The bridges standing today are already the fourth (from 1953) and the fifth bridge from 1901 at this location.


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