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Municipality Vaz/Obervaz



The organization of the municipality Vaz / Obervaz results from the laws of the State, the canton and the municipality (commune Constitution)

The municipal authorities
The urn parish elects the municipal authorities for three years and determines, inter alia adopting the municipal constitution, the laws and the community generally binding regulations and governing expenditure or supplementary credits that exceed the financial capability of the other community institutions.

the council
The council is the local parliament. It consists of 15 members. The president is elected for one year. The council will decide on the adoption of rules of procedure, the creation of new jobs and the adoption of generally binding regulations not. Approve the annual accounts and the budget and sets the tax rate. He is further responsible for the approval of supplementary credits of up to 500,000 francs and construction projects of the municipality. He chooses the community commissions for 3 years.

The main committees are:
the Construction Committee
the Tax Commission
the alpine pasture and Commission
The Parish Council
The Parish Council is the executive community. It consists of the mayor and four other members. It is the administrative and police department of the municipality and selects the staff of the municipality.

The Control Committee
The Control Committee consists of 3 members. It examines the activities of the entire administration and authorities. The audit of the accounts via the ROD.

the School Council
The Board of Education directs and supervises the schools and kindergartens in the community. It consists of 4 members.

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