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Regionalspital Surselva

Regionalspital Surselva Ilanz
Regionalspital Surselva Ilanz
Competent, professional, committed, friendly and personal – with these principles, the regional hospital regiunal Surselva hospital in Ilanz is also committed to health.


The Surselva Regional Hospital provides extended basic and emergency care for 22,000 inhabitants and up to 40,000 holidaymakers in the Surselva tourist region.

The spectrum of medical services:

  • Internal medicine
  • Surgery / Orthopaedics
  • Gynaecology and obstetrics
  • Children's Department
  • anaesthesia
  • radiology
  • physiotherapy
  • Outpatient oncology
  • Consultations: Diabetes, Wound, Stoma and Continence Counseling, Regional Bridge Service


In 1868, the Ilanzer Spital was founded by the Dominican Nuns in the still existing half-timbered house of the old motherhouse. In 1908, Dr. Bistgaun Cathomas set up a surgical practice in the hospital, which had 25 beds. The increase in frequency encouraged the sisters to build a new hospital, which they moved into in 1913. The Bündner Oberländer Spitalverein, founded in 1955, pushed ahead with the realization of an extension with the help of the interested communities. On 21 August 1960, an extension was handed over to the population of surselva. Today's Surselva Regional Hospital in Ilanz was run and administered by the Congregation of Nurses until 1973. Up to this point, the staff consisted largely of religious sisters. From 1974, this task was taken over by a supporting association consisting of almost all municipalities of the Surselva. The new building from 1987 is the third building of the Ilanzer Spital. In 1988, the construction and reconstruction of the regional hospital was completed. The hospital has about 100 beds and serves the basic medical care of the Surselva. In addition, the headquarters of the emergency number 144 of the Canton of Graubünden is operated in this hospital.
Historically out of the hospital, but today the Bündner Schwesternschule is independent. This is a school for general nursing. It was founded in 1940 by the Dominican Sisters; since 1950 she has been recognized by the Swiss Red Cross and in 1970 she moved into the old, well-renovated motherhouse next to the hospital. To this day, it is in the hands of the Dominican nuns. It is an educational institution that accepts thirty new students every year and leads them to diplomas. The young people are mainly recruited from Graubünden and the canton of St. Gallen. The continued existence of the nurses' school helps to ensure the next generation of staff in the regional hospital.
The Hildegard Chapel belongs to the sisters' school. This beautiful room, which stands in the same place where the old St. Nicholas Chapel of the monastery used to be. When the lower part of the old house was demolished in 1903, the chapel of St. Nicholas was discovered, which could have had a connection to the former Dominican monastery of S. Nicolai in Chur.

(Recorded by Regiun Surselva)


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