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The mountains on the Pizol also include the legends, especially those that revolve around rocks. The locals told the story of the Venices, researchers from the lagoon city of Venice. In their search for gold and silver, they hiked the side valleys and the area of the Grey Horns in sarganserland. They knew exactly in which rock walls, caves and gorges they had to put their crumbs to pick it up the other day filled with gold. Their ability to locate gold and silver was supported by a "mountain mirror", similar to a field engraver. With this, they were able to look a few meters deep into the mountain. The locals, especially the alpine herders who housed them, were often skeptical of the Venetians. The innkeepers compensated their hosts with beech leaves, which they usually threw away too early. But to those who had the necessary patience, the foliage turned into gold. Further legends from Sarganserland can be found in the works of the legend collector Alois Senti.


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