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Tremlett Chapels in Rossa


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Three historic chapels, dating back to the seventeenth century and located here, were painted on the outside by the Anglo-Swiss artist.

Tremlett Chapels in Rossa

6548 Rossa


David Tremlett was born in 1945 in St Austell, Cornwall. In a first phase, in which the artist's work is characterized by the abandonment of traditional means of expression, which is expressed in conceptual works related to sound; he follows his revival of painting and sculpture, while still remaining a conceptual artist. Tremlett has many travel experiences, faithful to one of the most rooted English traditions, refining his sensitivity in contact with extra-western places and populations. The journeys, from Africa, to the Indian Ocean, up to the desert of Mexico, find correspondence, on his return, in simple geometric shapes and in the repetition of signs, which come to define his rigorous abstract language. from “Wall Drawings”: interventions in situ, sometimes performed on the walls of dilapidated buildings encountered during travels, or on the walls of galleries and museums. The artist succeeds in making complete possession of the space, through the technique of hand-spread pastel or with mural painting; thus breaking the traditional distinction between painting, sculpture and architecture.


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