GeoGuide Ueli Jordi

GeoGuides like Ueli Jordi know the highlights of the World Heritage Tectonic Arena Sardona and the Geopark as well as insider tips. Read his interview now.

Ueli Jordi, what fascinates you about the world heritage site of Sardona?

What fascinates me about the world heritage site of Sardona is the great diversity of rocks as well as the clearly visible Glarus thrust, for example, at the Tschingelhörner and the Martinsloch. However, I also find the comparatively young geological events such as the Flims rockslide very exciting.

Why book a tour with a GeoGuide?

We GeoGuides have been specially trained for the Tectonic Arena Sardona. This enables us to expertly describe the geological events at the world heritage site. However, we can also talk about flora and fauna as well as local folktales and stories. Furthermore, we know one or the other secret tip and we also operate off the beaten track away from the usual tourist trails.

Every GeoGuide has their areas of special interests. What particularly interests and inspires you?

I've been interested in geology for a long time. Especially the Flims rockslide, which is one of my favourites. I have already published several research papers on the rockslide as part my dissertation. Time and time again, it is special for me to bring local geology and types of rock used for buildings closer to visitors during a GeoGuide tour through the old town of Chur. People are often surprised what can be discovered in a city when taking a closer look.

What is your favourite place in the Tectonic Arena?

There are so many impressive and interesting places in the world heritage site that this question is difficult to answer. I’ll choose the Flims rockslide and the old town of Chur.

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