Tectonic Arena Sardona.

Geological Phenomena

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In no other place in the world are the traces of mountain formation and their geological phenomena more visible than in the Tectonic Arena Sardona.
the Tectonic Arena Sardona

Glarus Thrust

Mountains are upside down in the Tectonic Arena, as old layers of rock can be found lying over newer layers around the Piz Sardona. Along a sharp and clearly visible line – the so-called Glarus Thrust – millions of years old Verrucano rock was pushed over new flysch formations.

The Rhine Gorge from the platform "Il Spir"

The Flims Rockslide

The Flims rockslide occurred around 10,000 years ago. It is the largest rockslide in the Alps with a volume of around 10 cubic kilometres. Since its formation, the Rhine has already dug several hundred meters into the rock, thereby creating the picturesque Ruinaulta Rhine gorge.

Alp Mora Rock Pools

In the Val Maliens stream above Alp Mora, numerous round mountain cavities filled with water can be found resembling a cord of pearls. Like a natural wonder, the crystal clear water flows from one rock pool to the next. The sandy whirlpools slowly but steadily eat their way into the rock.