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Coronavirus: Questions and Answers about Holidays in Graubünden

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Experience heavenly days in Graubünden – as always. What’s new are the rules that help us protect each other. Here you can find information on the current situation and answers to the most important questions about COVID-19 in Graubünden.

From Monday, September 13 2021, a certificate requirement will apply inside restaurants and bars throughout Switzerland. Access to cultural and leisure facilities such as museums, libraries, indoor swimming pools and casinos will also be restricted to people with a certificate. No certificate is required for public transport and retail. No certificate is required for hotel accommodation either, but for access to the hotel restaurant and bar.

The Covid certificate is a digital proof that you have been either

  • been vaccinated against Covid-19,
  • tested negative for coronavirus, or
  • has recovered from the coronavirus

For EU travelers:
Certificates from countries affiliated with the EU Digital Covid Certificate are valid in Switzerland.

You do not have a certificate?
Get tested at a regional test center. The Covid certificate will be issued to you by the test centers upon request. This can be done directly on site or you will receive the certificate digitally via email or delivered directly into the «COVID Certificate» app.

What Should Be Noted when Arriving from Abroad?

For entries from the Schengen area, the quarantine obligation has been lifted in principle and the usual entry requirements apply. A testing obligation now only exists for persons entering by air who have not been vaccinated and have not recovered. In addition, contact details are required for entry by air. Furthermore, the entry of third-country nationals such as the USA, Albania or Serbia is possible again for those who have been verifiably vaccinated.

Entry from a country with a variant of the virus of concern

The previous risk list of the Federal Office of Public Health has been reduced and now only contains states or areas where virus variants of concern for Switzerland are circulating. Travellers from such states who have neither been vaccinated nor recovered must present a negative PCR test or rapid antigen test and go into quarantine after entry. Vaccinated and recovered persons from risk states do not have to present a negative test upon entry and are not subject to quarantine.

List of states and regions with an increased risk of infection

Those who travel into Switzerland and are subject to mandatory quarantine are obligated to immediately report to the responsible cantonal authorities.

Please contact the responsible authority in your country regarding national travel advice for Switzerland.

Infoline for People Travelling to Switzerland:
T +41 58 464 44 88, daily 6.00 am to 11.00 pm

With the Travelcheck of the Federal Office of Public Health you can check if and under which conditions you are allowed to enter Switzerland.

What Happens if My Holiday in Graubünden Needs to be Cancelled because of COVID-19?

You can usually get detailed information about this directly from the accommodation you have booked, the online booking platform that you used to place and pay for your booking, from your travel operator or, if applicable, from your travel insurance company.

What Do I Do if I (suspect I) Have Caught the Virus?

Take the symptoms seriously and follow the instructions on the “What to do in the event of symptoms of the disease” page from FOPH. This is the best way to protect yourself and others.

Guests with symptoms should remain in their room/apartment wherever possible. People accompanying those guests do not have to quarantine until the test result has been received. They should, however, avoid the general areas of the hotel. To make this easier, it is recommended to leave food by the door for the guest and the other people in the same room/apartment.


It is possible to depart in a private vehicle following consultation with Contact Tracing Graubünden. A return journey by public transport is only possible in consultation with Contact Tracing Graubünden.

COVID Care Team Graubünden

T +41 81 257 88 10
Mon to Sat from 8.00 am to 12.30 noon and 1.30 pm to 5.00 pm
Sun from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm

You can direct any questions about planning your holiday in Graubünden to

Despite the greatest possible care, we cannot provide any guarantee of completeness and accuracy. The information from Graubünden Ferien in no way replaces official information channels or legal regulations. As the measures and the situation regarding travel warnings can change quickly, please also consult and for information.