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Mountain village of Soglio

A mild climate, chestnut forests and steep climbing mountains: Where the Romans used to march to the Julierpass is exactly where Bergell is located, and now offers lots of untouched nature. It is also the start of some of the most challenging hiking routes in Switzerland. The valley equally attracts mountaineers as well as artists and everyone who loves to experience history. Rugged mountains such as the Sciora-Group make a summer holiday, in the middle of the Alps, an experience to remember.

Summer highlights in Bregaglia Engadin

  • Soglio

    With its twisted valleys, the baroque Palazzo Salis brings the past back to life. This high altitude holiday brings instant relaxation and is also described as “The Edge towards Paradise”.

    Discover Soglio
  • The Chestnut Valley

    The mild climate of Bergell is perfect for holiday makers as well as for growing sweet chestnuts. Just above the Castasegna you can hike through one of the biggest chestnut forests in Europe.

    Dicover the Chestnut Valley
  • World-Famous Climbing Mountains

    Badile, Sciora-Group, Bondasca: The bizarre rock formations and steep hills fascinate climbers and alpinists all over the world. Here, more than 30 challenging mountains await you.

    Climbing in Graubünden
  • Bergell – The Valley of Artists

    Landscape and the right light: The Bregaglia valley is known as the valley of artists since Giacometti und Segantini. This mountainous scenery is still painted today, filling galleries and museums.

    Discover the Valley of Artists

Val Bregaglia – The valley that inspired many a famous artist

Many artists from the Val Bregaglia became famous. The valley is were famed artist, Alberto Giacometti was born. The spectacular panorama of the valley also attracted other artists, such as Giovanni Segantini and Varlin, who eventually settled there. The special light of this southern valley fascinates all and urges to be painted. Many sculptors, craftsmen and authors - including poet Rainer Maria Rilke - were fascinated by the rough charm of this area and paid it their tribute.

Discover the Valley of Artists

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