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Prättigau during the summer

St. Antönien

The home of climbing professional Nina Caprez invites you with countless routes through the steep walls of the Rätikon in the summer: Silbergeier, Intifada, Rialto – these sophisticated highlights are also appreciated internationally. The via ferrata Sulzfluh in the valley of St. Antönien in Prättigau also offers lot´s of rock contact. Other attractive destinations, such as Lake Partnun or the Prättigau ridgeway can be discovered while hiking. And festivals such as the Prättigau Alpine spectacle in Küblis and Seewis combine living traditions with exciting encounters.

Summer highlights in Prättigau

  • Prättigau high route

    The Prättigau high route leads you from Landquart to Klosters, and offers views of the entire mountain chain of the Rätikon. The highlights: Schesaplanahütte Carschinahütte and the peak of the Jägglischhorn.

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  • Lake Partnun in St. Antönien

    The crystal clear Lake Partnun is 1,869 metres above sea level and is an ideal destination for an excursion thanks to its boat rentals and spots for a BBQ. It's easily accessible from St. Antönien and Partnun.

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  • Prättigau Alpine spectacle

    At the Prättigau Alpine spectacle in Küblis and Seewis, a cattle drive from the pastures into the valley is celebrated. Included is the largest Alpine cheese and delicatessen market in Graubünden.

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  • Number 1 climbing region in GR

    Thanks to the countless routes in the best flat limestone of the Rätikon, Prättigau attracts climbers from all over the world. They appreciate the variety of walls, from the Schijenfluh to the Kirchlispitzen.

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Prättigau Alp spectacle

Autumn in Graubünden: Not only do the leaves turn a golden red, there is also a plethora of traditional festivals and customs to enjoy. Experience the local custom of Alpabzügen (the ceremonial driving down of cattle from mountain pastures) or visit the Prättigau Alp Spectacle – the greatest carnival in Prättigau.Further information on the Prättigau.

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Prättigau Alpine spectacle, Seewis

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