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Diversity. Differentadad. Diversità. Terms that fit the land of 150 valleys and 615 lakes perfectly. And the three languages German, Romansh and Italian. It's the people of Graubünden who influence the largest holiday region of Switzerland. Embark on a journey of discovery and learn more about interesting personalities, culinary specialties or (still) unknown mountain villages.

A selection of our most beautiful stories

  • Viaducts – bold structures of the Rhaetian Railway

    It had to have been especially ingenious engineers who helped the Rhaetian railway conquer each canyon and mountain stream. True masterpieces, such as the Landwasser viaduct, were created this way.

    Discover viaducts
  • The Tessanda – Where beauty is made

    The Tessanda (from the Romansh «tesser» = weaving) in Val Müstair is one of the last large handlooms in Switzerland. Currently, two trainees are being introduced to the secrets of the weaving tradition.

    Discover the handloom Tessanda
  • Zai ski: when expert craftsmanship meets quality materials

    Zai’s high-tech and high performance skis are the result of various components: cedar, stone and other materials, as well as quality craftsmanship and enthusiasm.

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Engadin ski marathon

5:50 am. For about 13,000 skiers, the alarm rings this early every second Sunday in March. Get up, have a cup of coffee – maybe two. And enjoy an ample breakfast. Then the last material check. The anticipation is growing. So is the anxiety. Finally – boom – the starting signal sounds…

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Feasts: Culinary stories

  • The cheese maker with poetry in his blood

    For 20 summers, Martin Bienerth worked on different Swiss Alps. He settled down in Andeer: In 2001 he and his wife Maria Meyer took over the «Stizun da Latg».

    Get to know Martin Bienerth
  • 100% Valposchiavo: Regional products from the «Organic valley»

    Organically certified companies farm more than 90% of the land in Valposchiavo – a southern valley of Graubünden. With such a high percentage being organic, the valley is nearly the only one in the world.

    Discover 100% Valposchiavo
  • Pizzoccheri – Fine foods from traditional kitchens

    Buckwheat flour, a posy of chard, sage leaves and a bundle of mountain cheese – not much more is needed for the specialty Pizzoccheri from the Valposchiavo. All we have to do is wish you «bon appetit».

    Discover Pizzoccheri
  • Grisons air-dried beef from Parpan near Lenzerheide

    In Parpan, the name Brügger stands for extraordinary Grisons air-dried beef. For four generations and over 100 years, the family has been running a professional meat-curing factory near Lenzerheide.

    Discover meat curing factory

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