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Appearance of Samichläuse in Bad Ragaz

06.12.2020 18:00

A most popular over 60-year-old tradition is still alive in Bad Ragaz, and still in search of its equal.
Each year on 6th December at 6 p.m., the Bishop parades with 40 traditional Samichläus figures and Schmutzli from Föhrenwäldli through the Bad Ragaz village to the Dorfbad; an event that sees the village square almost full enough to burst! Adults and children, locals and holiday guests, along with hundreds of visitors travelled from near and far want to experience this unique ambiance and moving event. In the fairy-tale like surroundings, they listen attentively to the bishop’s words as they prepare for the season of Advent. With their lanterns, the Bishop and his Samichläuse flock bring light to the village, to dwellings and the hearts of the people. And to entertain guests and shorten waiting time prior to the start, children of the Dorfbad music school play Advent songs. They as well each receive a Chlaussäckli –bag of goodies - as token of appreciation, before moving off in all directions to delight children at home in their cosy dwellings.

Appearance of Samichläuse in Bad Ragaz


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