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Ansa Sauermann


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Sunday Moods with the Vienna-based musician live at Werkstatt Chur


05.05.2024 from 20:00 to 22:00 o'clock
Admission free (collection)
Workshop Kultur-Bar

Ansa Sauerman became a kind of cult star in circles interested in beautiful songwriting in 2014 with his debut EP "Foto" and especially the title track on it. As a singer-songwriter, he combines the telling of small and big stories with German-language indie pop, with lots of energy and love of madness wafting from the stage.

The debut album "Weiße Liebe", released in 2017, and a multitude of ecstatic live performances, including time and again in the supporting program of Wanda, ensured further awareness. This was followed by the Dresden native's move to Vienna, which apparently revitalized him, gave him new inspiration and allowed him to swap pleasing format pop for corners, edges and a healthy Viennese scheissdrauf attitude, which can be heard in the second album "Trümmerlotte".

From quiet ballads to stomping rock'n'roll, everything is there. The Dresden native, who now lives in Vienna, sings full of rough edges about searching and finding, building up and destroying. Ansa's joy of playing live is an experience. The new album "Du kriegst was du brauchst" was released in June 2023.

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