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beautiful & good – «Aller Tage Abend»

In the sixth prank by Anna-Katharina Rickert and Ralf Schlatter entitled "Aller Tage Abend" (Aller Tage Abend), things are once again turbulent on the Schönmatt, high above Grosshöchstetten.


01.04.2023 from 20:15 to 22:30 o'clock
Category 1: CHF .00
Category 2: CHF 32.00
Old Cinema Mels

Mayor Kellenberger is rotating. On the Schönmatt, high above Grosshöchstetten, the future is in the air today: three massive wind turbines. He has the people with sausages and shares as good as in the bag, were it not for an ominous activist who is about to take the wind out of his wheels. The sailor's daughter Katharina Gut, on the other hand, sets sail, while butcher's son Georg Schön has recently become into tofu. In short: Grosshöchstetten turns the wheel quite a bit. But this is abruptly slowed down, out of the blue, and suddenly the future is in the stars. And maybe it's not just the wheel that needs to be reinvented...

The sixth prank of schön & gut once again brings puns, singing, witty satire and boundless imagination. The small world is out of joint: Why is Mrs. Meise suddenly wearing her trousers? Why don't the cow and her calf bite the grass? Why do we believe that we think, that is, that we are? And when is finally evening of all days?

beautiful & good are Anna-Katharina Rickert and Ralf Schlatter. Since 2003 they have been performing their poetic and political cabaret on the cabaret stages of German-speaking Switzerland. In 2004 they received the Salzburg Bull for their work, in 2014 the Swiss Cabaret Prize Cornichon, in 2017 the Swiss Cabaret Prize.

Director: Roland Suter

Participating artists: schön & gut


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