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Cinema: "Close" in Ilanz

Léo and Rémi are inseparable friends until the curious questions of their classmates shake the friendship. Reservation required.


23.03.2023 at 20:15 o'clock
Per person: 15.00 CHF
Cinema Sil Plaz, Ilanz

The two 13-year-olds, Léo and Rémi, are inseparable friends and close like brothers. They spend every free minute together. Wander through nature, create their fantasy worlds while playing, drive to school together, spend the night together and share everything with each other. But the curious questions of the classmates about their close relationship shakes everything. Completely unsettled, Léo distances himself from Rémi. He joins the ice hockey team and joins this group, while Rémi feels betrayed and abandoned. The argument between the two escalates and Rémi withdraws completely. But the rupture of this friendship has more tragic consequences than one might first suspect...


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