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Cinema Staziun Lavin - JARMUSCH NIGHT

Kino Staziun Lavin - JARMUSCH NIGHT - 3 FILMS, Down by law - Patterson - Coffee and Cigarettes. Info: staziun-lavin.ch Tickets at the box office.


01.07.2023 at 20:15 o'clock
1 film : CHF 16.00, 2 films: CHF 30.00, 3 films : CHF 42.00
Cinema Staziun Lavin

JARMUSCH NIGHT - 3 FILMS, Down by law - Patterson - Coffee and Cigarettes

Down by law: Three men end up independently in the same jail cell in New Orleans: Zack, an unemployed DJ, is innocent of murder. Jack, a loudmouth pimp, was framed by one of his buddies. And Roberto, the Italian tourist, accidentally killed someone with a bullet while playing pool. 107 min.
Patterson: Paterson lives and works as a bus driver in the small town of Paterson in the US state of New Jersey. Every day he follows the exact same routine: He always drives his bus the same route, observing the world around him and listening to snatches of conversation from his passengers. Afterwards, he eats dinner with his wife Laura, walks his dog, and has exactly one beer at his local pub. But in every spare minute, Paterson writes poems inspired by his experiences. 118 min.
Coffee and Cigarettes: Over a few cups of coffee and two or three cigarettes, the main characters discuss a wide variety of topics.
Coming together for a shared coffee and cigarettes serves as a bridge to overcome differences of opinion and to make unpleasant situations less unpleasant. 96 min.

Begin: 20:15
Duration: Until the night. 107 + 118 + 96 min., , language: EN, subtitles DE
Tickets at the box office.


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