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Cinema Tribuna: "Luca Maurizio - Fake News" in Ilanz

Luca Maurizio, who also worked as a cowherd and shepherd as a child, stages bizarre, Graubünden-influenced ways out of the swamp of shrunken swarm trust with refined humour.


14.04.2023 at 20:15 o'clock
Adults: 25.00 CHF, pupils and students: 15.00 CHF
Cinema Sil Plaz, Ilanz

Over thousands of years, nature has successfully developed the herd model for yaks, dolphins, ants and humans. However, the individualized optimization mania has clouded the foresight and blurred the line between shepherds, wolves and sheep – when is it more opportune to rely on mutual trust or critical skepticism?

"Who can I still believe?" asks the insecure bourgeoisie and actually means: "Who do I still want to believe?" Using the example of the humanist and martyr Giordano Bruno, Luca Maurizio satirically examines the centuries-old war over the sovereignty of interpretation of information and science on the basis of existential and highly explosive questions: Is Greta behind the energy crisis? Is Angela Merkel a reptilian alien? Does the corona vaccine produce erectile dysfunction?

The cabaret programme "Fake News" was awarded in 2020 as part of the project competition for professional cultural creation of the canton of Graubünden. In 2021, Luca Maurizio also won the Graubünden Literature Prize.


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