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Colourful variety of rocks in Valendas


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Guided hike with Ruedi Zuber, hiking guide and GeoGuide Sardona from the source Rhine in Valendas to the exhibition "Schichstwechsel - La Surselva" in Ilanz. Registration required.

Valendas-Sagogn Railway Station

Station 220, 7122 Valendas


20.08.2022 from 09:25 to 16:00 o'clock
per person: 45.00 CHF
Valendas-Sagogn Railway Station

The Vorderrhein with its tributaries is the lifeline of the Surselva. On its shores, it deposits souvenirs of its journey through a diverse catchment area. These round and angular rocks in bright colors tell the eventful history of the earth over the past 300 million years. Volcanism, marine sediments, ceiling overthrusts, hot climate and ice ages can be seen from this.

You start the hike in the gorge of the Flims landslide, let yourself be cooled by fine breezes along the floodplains and enter a dune-like landscape. The route is located in the vicinity of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Tectonic Arena Sardona.

In Ilanz, a visit to the exhibition «Schichtwechsel – La Surselva», a combination of nature and culture, artistically designed and stimulating for the enjoyment of diversity in the Surselva, concludes.

Information about the hike:
- easy hike; SAC hiking scale T1
- pure walking time 2 1/2 h; Ascent 100 m; descent 70 m; distance 6.9 km
- highest point: Ilanz 704 m a.s.

.M.Meeting point: 09:25 a.m. Valendas-Sagogn, station (09:21 h Arrival RhB from Chur)
Farewell: approx.16:00 in Ilanz (16:24 h departure RhB direction Chur)

- Hiking equipment; good footwear with profile soles
- food from the

- Wednesday, 17.08.2022; 18:00 h at Ruedi Zuber

- the evening before from 18:00 h; Minimum participation 4 pers.




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