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Concert of popular music by sisters Evelyn and Kristina Brunner

Sunday, April 16, 2023 at 17:30 will be held the performance of Evelyn and Kristina Brunner at the Hall of the Cultural Center of Circolo in Soazza.

Centro Culturale di Circolo a Soazza

Stradón 50, 6562 Soazza


16.04.2023 at 17:30 o'clock
Free entry and free offer
Centro Culturale di Circolo a Soazza

On Sunday, April 16, immerse yourself in the folk music of Central Switzerland. Evelyn Brunner - schwyzerörgeli,

double bass Kristina
Brunner - schwyzerörgeli, cello

Music and making music together, rehearsing and developing have always been fundamental to Evelyne Kristina Brunner. The sisters have been making music together since they were children and received the backing tracks from their father. Thanks to the background of Swiss folk music and the interest in music of different styles, a unique sound has been formed, which can be ideally implemented with the formation of double bass, Schwyzerörgeli and cello. The repertoire consists of original compositions that illuminate the Schwyzerörgeli from a different angle, music that is influenced by other cultures or has its origins in traditional Swiss folk music.

Kristina Brunner (*1993) studied cello with a specialization in folk music at the Lucerne School of Music and graduated in 2016 with Jürg Eichenberger and Andreas Gabriel. This was followed by bachelor's and master's studies with Markus Flückiger at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. In 2019 his studies ended with a successful degree. Since then he has been teaching Schwyzerörgeli in music schools in the Gürbetal region, MUSIKA and the city of Lucerne. In addition, he maintains a lively concert program, especially in duo with Evelyn Brunner.

Evelyn Brunner (*1990) studied music and exercise education at the Lucerne School of Music. In addition to extensive pedagogical training, he received double bass lessons with Bobby Burri as the main subject and Schwyzerörgeli lessons with Markus Flückiger. Evelyn Brunner teaches Schwyzerörgeli at the music schools of Thun and Bern, works as a director of folk music courses and is a member of various projects and bands in the field of popular music.

The exhibition will be held at the Hall of the Cultural Center of Circolo in Soazza and there will be refreshments for all participants.


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