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Concert of the Ensemble Il Codirosso

Sunday, March 26 at 17:30 will be held the performance of the Ensemble Il Codirosso at the Hall of the Cultural Center of Circolo in Soazza.

Centro Culturale di Circolo a Soazza

Stradón 50, 6562 Soazza


26.03.2023 at 17:30 o'clock
Free entry and free offer
Centro Culturale di Circolo a Soazza

Sunday, March 26 immerse yourself in the Italian polyphonic music of the fourteenth century.

Daniela Beltraminelli - vocals, viella
Marina Bonetti - vocals, harp
Lorenzo D'Erasmo - psaltery, frame drums

It is a newly formed ensemble. The concert will unfold between the poetic texts of this music, which, thanks to the use of a typically Venetian vernacular language and direct speech, are able to accompany the listener on a journey through time. The description of natural and common places, such as the garden, the forest, the water sources, the fountain, the road, become the scenarios for small love episodes, or more simply episodes of human life, love encounters, crossing glances, exchanges of greetings, falling in love. The listener will be able to immerse himself in being surprised to discover that all in all, thinking about feelings and emotions, we, although entangled and projected into the complex and technological scenario of the contemporary world, are not very different from the women and men of the fourteenth century.

After the performance there will be refreshments for all participants.


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