Concert with Albin Paulus

Concert with Albin Paulus. Colorful dazzling one-man performance. Chastè da Cultura, Fuldera. CHF 25.00 non-members / CHF 20.00 members. Info: 079 416 66 86


30.06.2023 at 20:15 o'clock
CHF 25.00 non-members
CHF 20.00 members
Chastè da Cultura

It's all very simple: Yodelling is North German and has the beat – the bagpipes come from Austria, plays Mozart, is made of polycal cane and sounds like dubstep – Stone Age people built high-tech bone clarinets that you play together to a mobile phone sound app –
Alpine jaw harp playing is pure Balkan folk – and: Austrians are Piefkes! Twisted world? By no means! In a colourfully dazzling one-man performance, he proves the truth and takes listening habits ad absurdum with a wink.


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