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Cycle XX

Dealing openly with the female cycle can break its taboo position in society.


21.05.2023 at 19:00 o'clock
Reduced: CHF 25.00
Regular: CHF 30.00
Support price: CHF 40.00

Cycle XX provokes and confronts. Through its dramatic depiction, the performance is committed to breaking the taboo on the female cycle. The topic is not only the frequently defamed bleeding, but above all the emotional and physical ups and downs of the further cycle phases. The multitude of stressful physical and psychological fluctuations is burdened with shame at a young age and causes girls and women to strategically prevent their physical exertion and needs - often with the use of hormone preparations and painkillers, which can have various side effects. The social demand to call up constantly high performance at all times makes it difficult to accept mood swings as well as to accept the normal state of hormone-related states as it is.

Dealing openly with the female cycle can break its taboo position in society, normalize the topic and help people with cycles to accept their physical needs.

Direct confrontation is sought, while the drama produced is also broken in a humorous way. Dancers of the ConFusionArt Collective explore the ups and downs of the female cycle.

"... Because it tells us,
That we are dirty,
That we should hide."

Concept: Robina Steyer
Choreography: Robina Steyer in collaboration with the dancers
Performance: Stefanie Fischer, Oriana Bräu-Berger, Robina Steyer
Music: Maximilian Näscher
Video: Johannes Franke, Shari Littmann
Costume: OEMA Costume: Laura Oertle, Marisa Mayer
Text/Dramaturgy: Ilka Bühner, Robina Steyer, Maximilian Näscher
Production management: Jacques Erlanger, Mira Paudler-Boss


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