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Disegns—Drawings. A search for clues

Kunsthalle Nairs shows drawings by draughtsmen, painters, sculptors and architects.

Fundaziun NAIRS

Nairs 509, 7550 Scuol


23.03.2023 to 09.04.2023 from 15:00 to 18:00 o'clock
on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Exhibition: CHF 12, reduced CHF 8
Guided tours: CHF 25 (incl. admission), reduced CHF 20
Group and school tours on request
29.-31.12.22 & 5.1.-9.4.23
Fundaziun NAIRS

The exhibition Disegns — Zeichnungen marks the beginning of Christof Rösch's final season as artistic director and curator at Fundaziun Nairs. In his last exhibitions at the Kunsthalle Naires, no legacy is to be celebrated. Rather, they mark a turning point and Christof Rösch's subjective search for traces of his beginnings and the beginning. After the provisional. The analogue-craftsmanship. The close and friendly also connected. The soul mate and the open.

Through drawing, which also serves as the basis for his own artistic development, Christof Rösch explores the happiness of the beginning. To this end, he brings together artists whose works have been and continue to be particularly close to his heart for decades. Artists who have significantly accompanied and shaped his own artistic development since the 80s.

Silvia Bächli, Evelina Cajacob, Heiko Blankenstein, Roger Boltshauser, Marianne Büttiker, Franziska Furter, Markus Müller, Cécile Hummel, Zilla Leutenegger, Christof Rösch, Roman Signer, Petra Soder, Jürg Stäuble, Gerda Steiner/Jürg Lenzlinger, Georg Steinmann, Not Vital, René Zäch

Curated by Christof Rösch


28 December 2022, 6 pm

Concert, 4 pm
«Carrot and stick» — A chrono-
logy of the song through the 20th century. Before the vernissage at 4 p.m. there will be a concert with Sara-Bigna Janett (soprano) and Elizaveta Habermacher-Parfentyeva (piano), followed by a bar exhibition 29.-31.12.22 & 5.1.-9.4.23

Public guided tours with Christof Rösch At 6 p.m. on 20.1., 3.2., 17.2.,
3.3., 17.3. and 31.3.2023.Finissage

9 April, 4 p.m. artist talks

As part of the exhibition, artist talks will take place, which will be announced in the new year.

Opening hours
Thursday to Sunday 3 p.m.
—6 p.m.
Kunsthalle Fundaziun Nairs


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