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Doll Circus (EN) & Mulberry Sky (EN)

Live concert with the Bavarian girls hard rock band Doll Circus and as support also from Germany Mulberry Sky with multifaceted, blues-soaked rock.


21.04.2023 from 19:30 to 23:55 o'clock
16.00 CHF in advance at Eventfrog.ch and at the box office 20.00 CHF
Stage am Bach

Live concert with the Bavarian girls hard rock band Doll Circus and as support also from Germany Mulberry Sky with multifaceted, blues-soaked rock.

Mulberry Sky (EN) - Multifaceted, blues-soaked rock
The horses are saddled, we ride off! At the beginning of 2019, three daring gentlemen and an intrepid maid saddled their horses and set out to experience a great adventure together. One spring-like evening – the sun was just shining out from behind the horizon – the four of them sat together with a bottle of the finest firewater and philosophized (again) about the vastness of the universe. The sky shone intensely, mulberry red-violet – then it hit the gang like lightning and their mission finally had a name: Mulberry Sky.
Since then, Catherine van Bruce (vocals), Lucky Lerchl (bass), Simon Petrosa (drums) & Dom Raygun (guitar) have been roaming the world to blast their blues-soaked rock around the ears. No song is like the other, sometimes they combine depth with rather soft rock, "Wumms" with melodic parts and pain with filigree guitar solos. A well-seasoned mixture of classic rock, blues rock and a touch of stoner makes the audience blink into many niches of rock. In terms of content, Mulberry Sky like to sprinkle salt into the wound and call for self-realization and shaking off old burdens.
Mulberry Sky don't like to be forced into a narrow sub-genre drawer, but always do exactly what they feel comfortable with. With success – because with their sound they have already been able to broadcast some major radio stations such as ROCK ANTENNE, BAYERN 1, BAYERN 3, RADIO BOB! and RAUTE MUSIK ROCK draw attention to themselves.

Doll Circus (EN) - Eat This
It was bad for planet Earth and its musical future. Trapped in the corset of its own Y-chromosomes, Rock ́n ́Roll languished in the viscous Mathmos of leaden inertia. Until one night the incarnate personally lifted a bestial four-stringer out of the flaming inferno and injected a blazing desire into Vero Pistolero's heart: With wolf-like howling, the Goddess Of Thunder lured four like-minded people out of the deepest cracks of Upper Bavaria, who fought their way through the man-high thicket with razor-sharp heels to form an iron alliance. Since then, the five have acted as insurmountable swarm intelligence called Doll Circus: Mini Vanilli processes the drums more nimbly than a reptile, forms the toxic bubbling backbone of the seething cauldron, while Vero Pistolero as principal of Rock ́n ́Roll High School keeps the galloping horses on their four strings in check and the reincarnated guitar amazon Terry Lee together with her cosmic colleague, Spacecat Katharella, which converts the audience's brain waves into high-frequency gamma waves. At the front, Shake, the Snake dances the bad-girl boogie on a knife's edge like a glowing live wire and belts out ouzo-impregnated melodies to the booming sounds of their orchestrated sisters.
Almost two years after the initial battle cry, the walking high-voltage thunderstorm on ten legs now shoots his first work into the merciless orbit of the music business. On EAT THIS! the indomitable big cats fuse their very own view of hard rock with punk, kokolores, glam and a pinch of metal into a spicy soup that penetrates the ears in an ecstatic way and mills deep into the synapses. Lyrically, the ten new tracks oscillate between exuberant nonsense, emancipated messages and socio-critical comments, without falling into the trap of grumpiness. Doll Circus know no inflated egos, no conformism or bullshit. Life ́s a bitch so keep on truckin ́ – free your soul and join


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