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"Escape from the Chicken House" | The PGI at the Grin festival

From Friday 23 until Sunday 25 June there will be the theatrical show "Fuga dal pollaio" during the famous Grin Festival in Roveredo.


23.06.2023 to 25.06.2023
on Friday, Saturday, Sunday

On the occasion of the Grin Festival, the Pgi Moesano proposes the show "Fuga dal henaio" staged by the theater companies Plim creazioni and Giullari di Gulliver!

Escape from the chicken coop

A chicken coop on a trip... Human chickens, human chickens, double-breasted roosters, hens in rows and fluttering... And a tamer, or will it take two to keep this wild chicken frolick frolicking through the meadows at bay? Obeying, submitting, moving in order, being together... or simply rebel!!! ... And since there's an audience, why not show off the impossible skills?

Itinerant theater divided into surprise appearances that will accompany the day. A plot that is articulated in short numbers of varieties scattered in space, in time ... and on the farm!


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