Finissage: Solo exhibition Esther Schena

Finissage: Solo exhibition Esther Schena. Chasa Jaura, Valchava. Entrance free. Information: Tel. 081 858 57 85, www.chasa-jaura.ch/.


14.10.2023 at 17:00 o'clock
Admission free.
Museum Chasa Jaura

The artist Esther Schena writes:

"For the exhibition entitled: visibel — invisibel I will deal with the rooms of the Chasa Jaura. With the exhibition: visibel — invisibel I would like to address the past and at the same time also the present of Chasa Jaura. The abstract traces that I will capture in pictures should stand for the past as well as for the present of the Chasa Jaura, for the inside and the outside. I would like to open the exhibition so that the solo exhibition is shaped by different people and can change in the course of the exhibition. During the anniversary exhibition I plan events such as: workshops, performances and talks. Encounters should take place and dialogues about tradition and visual art should be stimulated."

Curatoration Esther Schena and Robert Grossmann


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