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Fit Gym with Emilia

Every Thursday at 10.30 am, from September 2021 to June 2022


29.06.2022 to 30.06.2022 at 10:30 o'clock
Cost for 30 lessons divided into three cycles of 10: fr. 120.00
Single lessons fr. 13.00
Please announce yourself by Wednesday evening.

Fitgym includes all the techniques aimed at well-being, which allow you to improve and maintain strength, elasticity, coordination, reflexes and balance (Pilates, Yoga, Yopi, Sensomotorik, Antara, Feldenkreis, Bodytonic, Follow Form, Strike Zone, etc.).

The goal is to maintain the functionality of muscles and fascias for as long as possible. It can improve from any physical condition or age. It is important to learn to know your body, stimulate it and train it in the right way, in the right position.

For information and registration
Emilia Tonolla-Pink
ESA Monitrice with Qualitop
tel. 079 830 29 92 | emilia.rosa@ bluewin.ch


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