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Guided tour Präzer Maiensässe

Jörg Kunfermann tells interesting facts about the management of the Maiensässe of the past and present. Registration required by the evening before.


15.07.2023 from 09:00 to 11:30 o'clock
Adults. CHF 10.00, children free of charge
from the post bus stop

Every year on 16 June, the big hay harvest begins in the Maiensässen. The reason for this date is the regulations of the Office of Agriculture, which wants to preserve and promote the diverse plants and flowers. Exactly one day before, we take the opportunity to ask: How were these mountain pastures managed in the past and when did the farmer come here in winter to take care of his cattle? What do we mean by "feeding" or "with the Robi uf da Berggan"? All these questions will be answered by retired farmer and hunter Jörg Kunfermann. We explore the question of why fallow deer graze here today instead of cows. Our guests experience a very special day, which takes them not only into the past, but also into the present. During a short tour through the Maiensäss, questions will certainly arise, which Jörg Kunfermann will be happy to answer.
Registration required by the evening before.


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