Event San Bernardino Mesolcina Calanca

Hike in the wild Val Curciusa

Saturday, July 8th discover the wild Val Curciusa with a group excursion!

Route: San Bernardino - Bocchetta de Curciusa - Novena


08.07.2023 from 06:58 to 19:52 o'clock
Registration fee: CHF 40.-

Saturday 8 July 2023 you can walk in the unspoilt Val Curciusa and admire its unique natural landscape. Biologist Oliver Dosch and ornithologist Nicholas Lengacher will show the biodiversity of the valley during the day hike. From insects to reptiles, from birds to flowers, this unexplored valley invites many discoveries!

Only for experienced people and able to carry out an excursion of 6-7 hours with about 1000 meters in altitude.

Register by 4 July 2023 by calling 081 250 23 00 or sending an email to office@wwf-gr.ch


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