Event Heidiland

James Gruntz

An exceptional charismatic artist.


08.09.2022 at 20:00 o'clock
CHF 35.00 / 30.00

Peculiarity is James Gruntz's trademark. His songs are incomparable. His voice unmistakable. What a voice. It vibrates, takes space and time. Seduced, touched, enchanted, expressive and of dreamlike serenity.
James Gruntz amazes again and again, develops further in his mature compositions. Arranges the simplicity in a modern and virtuoso way.

The most difficult thing, the simplicity, he succeeds with ease and yet his songs reach to the edge of the abyss. Still waters are deeply grounded.

James Gruntz always remains himself - always remains real. So you will get to know the songs oscillating between euphoria and melancholy («Heart Keeps Dancing», «You», «Speechless», «Always Never») of the singer-songwriter, who has won several Swissmusic Awards, from a different side every time.


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