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La Nuit du 12

Awarded as best French film of the year: The big winner with Bastien Bouillon and Bouli Lanners.

Kulturschuppen Klosters

Äussere Bahnhofstrasse 3, Postfach 165, 7250 Klosters


23.06.2023 at 20:30 o'clock
28.06.2023 at 20:00 o'clock
Regular Fr. 16.- (seat unnumbered)
Guest card Fr. 15.- (seat unnumbered)
Members Fr. 14.- (seat unnumbered)
Up to 18 years Fr. 14.- (seat unnumbered)
Kulturschuppen Klosters

In the homicide department, every investigator eventually comes across a crime that he cannot solve. And that haunts him! For Yohan, it's the murder of Clara, who is brutally killed on her way home from a party. One interrogation follows the other, there are many suspects, but again and again he is led on the wrong track by untrue statements and lies. This raises Yohan's doubts as to whether he will ever find the culprit. Because only one thing is certain: the crime happened on the night of the 12th.

Director: Dominik Moll
With: Bastien Bouillon, Bouli Lanners, Anouk Grinberg
France 2023, F/d, from 14 (16)J, 115 min


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