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LANDschaftKULTUR Art Installation by Barbara Streiff


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Explore the landscape and its impact on life and culture at Sargans Castle.


09.06.2023 to 23.09.2023
Sargans Castle

An art installation with metal sculptures, comics and object art by the artist Barbara Streiff invites you to a holistic experience.

The art installation at Sargans Castle tells the myth of the place and the natural environment. Get involved in the feeling of perceiving the environment with all your senses.
The landscape shapes the population and their culture. The far-reaching view of the valleys, the silhouettes of the mountains, the play of light and shadow, jagged rocks, old trees, valleys and rivers tell the myth in everyday life.
Participate in the dialogue of diversity of perspectives and perception. A poster in the castle courtyard provides information about the exhibition and invites you to enter your own photos.
Sargans, the double gate to the Alps, is a central place in early history to the present day due to its geographical location. So the Romans already stayed here and built a manor. This is told by the legend "Urtel", which is depicted with an installation that makes time commute.
The landscape can be seen from all the many castles and palaces, mostly standing on a hill or rock. The far-sightedness of the valleys probably influences people's thinking. In addition to the many festivities, crafts are also strongly represented. Some of the activities are related to the natural environment. What you can see in the Museum of the Sarganserland.
A comic strip based on the legend of the mountain spirit who protects people can be found on the tunnel wagon with iron ore in the castle courtyard.
The Gonzen, which towers over Sargans with its rugged rocks. There, where iron ore has been extracted since time immemorial. Barbara Streiff's sculptures are made of steel and are therefore connected to the place in terms of content as well as in the material used. Like the mirror of legends in front of the Knights' Hall, which allows the viewer to see himself in the midst of the primeval stories.
The sunny slopes, protected by the mountain, are used for the cultivation of vines and also enrich the culture of the place. Which can be visited in the castle's own Torkel of the St. Gallen Wine Association or the wine from the Gonzen can be tasted in the castle restaurant. Expand the cultural with a culinary experience in the castle restaurant. On request, there is even a knight's feast with ghost stories at midnight.
Everyone is invited to contribute their observations, experiences and knowledge about the impact of the landscape on culture.
The art installation is changing and is constantly being expanded with new works.

The exhibition was created in dialogue with the Restauration Schloss Sargans, Mrs. Cecile Kaiser and family. For some time now, they have been committed to the diverse cultural events at Sargans Castle.


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