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Mani Nude

Jazz / Improvisation

Kulturgarage at OKRO

Tittwiesenstrasse 21, 7000 Chur


30.03.2023 from 20:15 to 22:00 o'clock
Kulturgarage at OKRO

Josquin Rosset p, Florian King b, Carlo Lorenz dr

The trio Mani Nude plays jazz. Every concert is created in the moment. Tribute is paid to the room, the people present, the mood, the previous experience. With the greatest possible openness and sincerity, the trio plays and celebrates the moment. Mostly acoustic, now and then enriched by electronic timbres, virtuosic, elegant, airy, powerful, with dreamlike interplay and sure taste, the trio Mani Nude roams the common musical pool. Seamless transitions between freely improvised compositions, originals and songs by Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, Keith Jarrett or even pop, children's and sacred melodies create memories of today, yesterday and tomorrow. Suddenly, a touching original composition by one of the band members appears in the middle of the free flight of the trio and creates commitment and identity.
Uncompromisingly, every concert of the trio becomes an unrepeatable, unique panoramic experience.


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