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Meimun (CH), Tie Drei (CH)

Summer Festival

Kulturgarage at OKRO

Tittwiesenstrasse 21, 7000 Chur


27.07.2023 from 18:00 to 20:30 o'clock
Kulturgarage at OKRO

Founded in 2016 by singer and guitarist Cyrielle Formaz, Meimuna has established itself as a valuable asset on the European scene with its mélange of Anglo-Saxon folk and French-language poetry. If you listen to her, everything is crystal clear: the course of the stars, the logic in the innermost part of things or the secret pulse. Meimuna has a rare talent for capturing beauty. She sums them up in simple words that go straight to the heart and embeds them in melodies that are both strange and yet like old acquaintances.

The fresh album meandering by the young Swiss jazz-pop trio Tie Drei is dedicated to the theme of time in a multi-layered way. The three musicians look at world events from different perspectives and spin their own stories from them. The musical voices of the trio condense into a fullness that is reminiscent of a large orchestra. In the collaborative writing process, they explore the possibilities of their instruments and weave their sounds into a nimble and multifaceted structure. It is precisely this transparent line-up that offers the musicians plenty of room for improvisation and their own expression.


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