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Ms. Holle

The Grimm's fairy tale in a charmingly funny new production


21.01.2024 from 14:00 to 15:30 o'clock
Adults normal price CHF 31.00
Adults HelloFamily / Supercard CHF 24.00
Children normal price CHF 27.00
Children HelloFamily / Supercard CHF 21.00
Kirchgemeindehaus Titthof

Every child knows that! When pillows and blankets are shaken out at Frau Holle, it snows here on earth. But: That it owns an entire weather factory in which it produces rain, wind and fog. That it polishes stars, makes the auroras dance and supplies the sun with energy. Until now, hardly anyone knew that Frau Holle is actually a tinkerer and inventor.

First things first: Our story begins in the Weber tailor's shop in a small village. In a really very small village. In this tailor's shop lives a slightly rushed mother with her two daughters Petra and Paula. Petra – the older of the two – is lazy and unreliable. Paula, on the other hand, is hardworking and very conscientious. But wait a minute: What is Fidibus doing there? Is he pulling pranks again? Oh dear... If only that goes well.

This much can be revealed: Everything will be fine, even though – not least thanks to Fidibus in the Weber snowshop and at Frau Holle in the Wetterfabrik – things are sometimes really wild and chaotic.
"Frau Holle" is a wonderfully charming and funny new production – based on the story of the Brothers Grimm.

Director: Fabio Romano
Writer: Rahel Roy
Music: Rafael Haldenwang
Cast: Mirjam Baur, Noemi Schaerer, Rafael Haldenwang, Anina Him-melberger, Andrina Hauri
Language: Dialect
Duration: approx. 90 minutes (incl. intermission)
Age: recommended for children from about 4 years of age
Production and organizer: Balzer Event GmbH


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Schiltwiesenweg 2, 8404 Winterthur

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