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Open Air Cinema Val Lumnezia: Supernova

The two lovers Sam and Tusker travel to well-known places before they are destroyed by Tusker's dementia.

Open Air Cinema Val Lumnezia

Lag Davos Munts 190A, 7146 Vattiz


02.08.2022 at 21:00 o'clock
Adults: 10.00 CHF, Children 7 to 16 years: 5.00 CHF
Open Air Cinema Val Lumnezia

Visiting places of remembrance together once again, laughing with old friends and relatives and enjoying life as much as possible – this is what Tusker, who suffers from dementia, and his partner Sam strive for on their journey across England. But the two also have to face bitter truths and painful insights on their road trip.

Box office/doors open from 7.30 p.m.Start
of performances: 9.00 p.m
. No seating, own seating must be brought along.
Meals: Hot

meals throughout In uncertain weather: Surselva Tourism Info Vella, Tel. 0041 81 931 18 58


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