Performances: Christine Bänninger, Pascal Lampert, Caroline Singeisen

Performances: Christine Bänninger, Pascal Lampert, Caroline Singeisen. Chasa Jaura, Valchava. Entrance free. Info: www.chasajaura.ch/


09.09.2023 from 14:00 to 17:00 o'clock
Entrance free
Museum Chasa Jaura

For Esther Schena, networking is an important part of her practice. For her exhibition, she has invited artist friends who realize art performances in and around the Chasa Jaura. Liquid olive by painter and performer Christine Bänninger is a meeting of colour, body and movement. It is touch and mutual imprinting, leaving behind imprints that are inscribed in the picture. www.christinebänninger.ch

By closely observing and exploring space, Pascal Lampert examines the different environments in which we move consciously or unconsciously on a daily basis. His works are anchored in a basic feeling which, despite all the clarity of the form, always takes into account its transience. For the Chasa Jaura he is developing a new work entitled Spassegiada, which gets to the bottom of our walk through the world in a performative and acoustic way. www.pascallampert.kleio.com/

With water and brush, Caroline Singeisen draws on stone and concrete walls in urban space. The creation of the water drawings is always a struggle for time, a game of permanence and loss. While she is working on a picture, formulated parts are already about to disappear again. In every situation, she is tempted to explore the relationships between her as an actor, the ephemeral presence of the characters and the environment. www.caroline-singeisen.ch/


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