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Pizol Panorama Trail

Pizolhütte (cable car mountain station) – running floors along the Panorama Trail
In the afternoon on request excursion to Wildseelugge to collect stones


17.08.2022 from 09:00 to 16:00 o'clock
50 Fr. / reduced 30 Fr. (Verein Geopark Sardoma)
plus ticket for the Pizolbahn (23 Fr. with Half-Fare travelcard)
About 1h ascent and 1h descent with the Pizolbahn included.
Pizolbahn Wangs

After the ascent with the Pizolbahn we continue on foot on the lower part of the panorama path with exit
look out over the Viltersersee, the Rhine Valley, the Churfirsten, the Alpstein and the Schesaplana massif.
We learn how tectonics and ice ages have shaped these landscapes. The evolution of the earth
and mountain formation are the focal points of the first part of the excursion. From running floors we go over
the upper part of the panorama trail back to the viewpoint Tagweidlikopf. In doing so, we enjoy the Pano-
rama panoramic view, the view of the Glarus main overthrust in the Pizol area and learn how the Glarus
==References====External links== After a lunch break at the Wangssee we climb in the direction of Wild-
seelugge until we have arrived in the Verrucano rock. Here we can find stones from the different
Collecting and classifying epochs of the earth's history.

Easy mountain hike; SAC Hiking Scale T1
- pure walking time 2 1⁄2 h; Duration of the tour 4-5 h; Ascent 270 m ascent, descent 270 m ascent; Distance 6.5 km
- highest point: 2,275 m above sea level.M. (Tagweidlichopf)
- Meeting point: 9:00 at the ticket office of the valley station of the Pizolbahn in Wangs (bus stop: Wangs, Pizolbahn)
- Farewell: approx. 15:00h at the Pizolhütte

- Mountain hiking equipment; good footwear with profile soles, rainwear / umbrella
- Camera
- Lunch picnic, drink (refreshments afterwards in the Pizolhütte)

- Guided tour of trained GeoGuide Sardona
- Information on nature, landscape, geology, geopark, UNESCO World Heritage, earth history




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